Androulakis: Five proposals for a safe and modern railway


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The president of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, in his article in Vima on Sunday, makes five proposals for the safe operation of trains in Greece.

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At the same time, it assigns specific responsibilities to the ND government. As he himself points out: “When everything goes well, it’s done ‘by order of Mitsotakis.’ But when there are responsibilities, he tries to hide behind “ignorance” despising the intelligence of the Greek people.

Nikos Androulakis specifically proposes for the safety and modernization of the Greek railways:

  • Temporary return of TRAINOSE to state control and soon finding a new strategic investor,
  • Reconstitution of the Railway Regulatory Authority based on international standards and the direct involvement of the European Union and the European Railway Agency in the provision of highly symbolic and widely accepted expertise and supervision and leadership.
  • This new Authority should also be responsible for the training and certification of OSE personnel.
  • Evaluation and meritocracy in strengthening the OSE’s human resources should be a priority. The selection of the administrations must be made by open competition, with an impartial and non-partisan process.
  • Proceed with the necessary investments in the railway network, through the Recovery Fund.

Androulakis: “The nudity of the General Staff was revealed”

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The president of PASOK-KINAL points out that the Tempi accident revealed the coordination of all the pathologies of the functioning of the State but also the unrepentant way of exercising the power of the rulers and how in the most dramatic and violent way the curtain was drawn revealing the nudity of the “staff state”.

He accuses the prime minister that after Alexis Tsipras he managed the state as personal booty and not as a lever to overturn in favor of the general interest of citizens and handed it over to a closed system of mothers and used it as a springboard for his supremacy.

He stresses that “citizens’ trust in the railways must be restored, an area in which both the private Hellenic Train, as well as the public OSE, ERGOSE and the Railway Regulatory Authority have failed. Six years later, the sale of 100% of TRAINOSE to the Italian Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane has failed.”

He criticizes Alexis Tsipras who, although he described the initial price of 300 million euros as sold, privatized it with only 45 million euros, endowing it with 250 million for the sterile lines, while Kostas Karamanlis made the conditions for the company even more favorable italian.

“It is our national need and interest to modernize and improve the railroad in the face of whatever interest has hitherto held it captive to the attitudes of the old party.

It is time to ensure the basics, the essentials and the necessary.

We have a duty to build a modern European state.

To dare with deep cuts. Make decisions based on the public interest.

The time has come to decide on Greece, where we want to live”, concludes Mr. Androulakis.

source: iefi merida

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