Polakis returned with attacks against journalists and ministers – They identify him with Tsipras, says ND


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Pavlos Polakis is causing strong commotions in the political arena, with his return both to the SYRIZA ballot and to the accusations he likes to unleash through social media.

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With the letter of repentance from Pavlos Polakis and the unanimous “green light” from the Political Secretariat, it was “locked in” that Chanio’s deputy will once again be a candidate with SYRIZA.

This decision has already provoked reactions from the government, while Polakis himself, after his first mild publication, took up his “cube” again and attacked Nikos Hatzinikolaou and Adonis Georgiadis via Twitter.

What Polakis wrote to Hatzinikolaou and Adonis

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As for the late-night Twitter episode, it all started when Nikos Hatzinikolaou tweeted that Polakis “apologized ONLY to the SYRIZA president, so he could get back on the ballot and not lose his parliamentary immunity. He knows that lawsuits and lawsuits are coming for the despicable attack on journalists and judges that he committed and that he repeats in his letter».

A few minutes before one in the morning, Pavlos Polakis picked up the keyboard and replied:

“I’m waiting. HERE I AM!!! Apologize to the people for what you’ve been doing for 13 years as ‘journalists’ and then we talk again…”

The controversial Hatzinikolaou – Polaki dialogue:

Nikos Hatzinikolaou returned writing: “We will see you in court! No regrets… He intends to apologize for the eyes of the party leadership and for parliamentary immunity and compensation!”

He was also “kidnapped” with Adonis Georgiadis

Earlier, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis had commented on Twitter about Polakis’s return to the ballot, saying that “I have said many times all this time that I personally don’t think Tsipras will leave Polakis… they are like a meaty nail». Today the theater is just finished.».

Pavlos Polakis did not leave this unanswered either, commenting, leaving the post-election court threats pending:

“Make a basket of cod yourself and look for lawyers for when we clarify what is not clear…”.

Mr. Georgiadis, in his second year, commented that “It had crossed my mind that in the agreement to return Polakis to SYRIZA they would also take away his cell phones, especially late at night… In the end I was wrong, so we have many more episodes to watch. Generally we will laugh a lot with him.…”.

Economou’s “Fire”: Polarization is a key component of SYRIZA

Speaking to SKAI today, government representative Yiannis Oikonomou noted that “the choice of SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras personally on the Polakis issue clearly shows the direction they want to go. It is the path of extremism and division. It is the essential break”.

Mr. Economou emphasized that “the pardon of Mr. Polakis is a practical break with society, which seeks respect for democracy, for institutions. Yesterday’s election of Mr. Tsipras is a practical break with the society that seeks a fruitful political dialogue”.

The Government representative pointed out that “within the body of Mr. Polakis is the spirit of Mr. Tsipras” and added:

“Polarism is the basic component of SYRIZA, it is the central political line. If one sees what SYRIZA used as an argument to make another bastard and pardon Mr. Polakis. Polarism is the spearhead of Sirizism. Yesterday’s decision to rejoin Mr. Polakis shows the direction and the path that SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras are following: breaking with normality, moderation, logic, respect for the norms of the Republic and the institutions”.

ND: Polakis the alter ego of Mr. Tsipras

ND spoke of the “kick in the ass” of Alexis Tsipras, commenting on the decision of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA for Pavlos Polakis.

“With the ridiculous things that happened with Mr. Polakis, it has been shown once again that ‘polarization’ identifies with SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras,” the ND ad reads.

“The president of SYRIZA, doing one of his well-known somersaults, withdrew the impeachment of Mr. Polakis from the ballot papers, without the parliamentarian retracting the indignities he had published about journalists and judges,” he added.

“This is the strongest rebuttal of some who announced Mr. Tsipras’ supposed turn to the center, since center and Polakis do not fit in the same sentence. Mr. Polakis was and still is the other face of Mr. Tsipras”, concludes ND.

It is recalled that the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA unanimously decided that Pavlos Polakis should be on the ballot.

PASOK: SYRIZA’s so-called moderate turn has ended in disgrace

PASOK was also involved in the reinstatement issue of Mr. Polakis.

Mr. Tsipras, in his proposal for the return of Polakis, stated that SYRIZA is not “the party of suppressions and prescriptions”. Obviously, this comment refers to the internal affairs of SYRIZA, since the return of Polakis also means tolerance to the restrictions that he unleashed 20 days ago against journalists and judges.says PASOK and adds:

“However, we must point out that SYRIZA’s supposedly subdued turn, which is now ending ingloriously, had started under unfavorable scheduling conditions, as it coincided with Halloween Sunday.”

The Chronicle of Polaki’s Return

Polakis’s return to the ballot was “stuck” on Saturday afternoon. In his statement, SYRIZA indicated that the Political Secretariat took into consideration the letter from Pavlos Polakis in which he explains his recent charges.

“At today’s meeting, the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA-PS unanimously decided that there should be no change in the decisions it made at its previous meeting and which have already been made public, regarding the proposal to the Central Committee for the ballots of the party”, consists, first of all, the announcement.

“The organization took into account the letter communicated by Pavlos Polakis, in which he explains his recent publications, acknowledges errors and failures, and reaffirms his absolute respect for the collective decisions of SYRIZA-PS.

The compass of all the executives and candidates for deputies of the party must be respect for the collective function and the positions collectively elaborated”, he adds.

“The public position, the interventions and statements, including the publications on social networks, must serve the common objective of winning the elections and the political change that the country needs,” he concludes.

The references of Alexis Tsipras in his proposal for the return of Pavlos Polakis

SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras paved the way for the return of Pavlos Polakis to the SYRIZA ballot through his proposal.

Following the “apology” letter from Mr. Polakis, who had caused a stir by requesting an invasion of the State with regulations, journalists, judges, bankers, the president of SYRIZA opened the return window.

“We are not a party of suppressions and prescriptions. On the contrary, we are a party of records. Open-door, transparent, open-hearted, but we are a party which means we have collective rules and processes. And no one can get out of them. In our party there are all the guarantees, the democratic possibilities, the functions, so that no one is silenced for any reason, ”said Alexis Tsipras in his introduction.

“Comrade Polakis’s letter, however, invites us to discuss them. It forces us, I would say, to also reevaluate our original intentions, because it is a letter of courageous self-criticism,” he added, among other things.

It should be noted that before the presentation of Alexis Tsipras, Michalis Hairetakis announced the withdrawal of his candidacy from the SYRIZA ballot.

“In this fight there is no need for politicking, selfishness, positions, chairs and mechanisms. I withdraw my candidacy, which had the unanimous approval of the political secretariat, to support a true fighter, to make it easier for those who think they will win with my non-candidacy, to help as much as I can in calm and equanimity for the great What What is at stake is the victory of SYRIZA,” the SYRIZA politician said in his post.

Pavlos Polakis’ “apology” letter

Yesterday, prior to the meeting of the Political Secretariat, in a letter to Alexis Tsipras, Pavlos Polakis stated that he had no intention of challenging him.

At the same time, he called his explosive reaction to the party’s vote in Chania a “failure.” “Regarding my post on the composition of the ballots, although it was in response to my legitimate surprise at the press office’s announcement, I nevertheless admit that it was a mistake, since there are partisan issues that should not be discussed in the sphere public. , but that it be resolved in the party organs,” he said.

As for the targeting of people in his post, he stated “that it was in no way a response to an earlier interview by SYRIZA-PS president Alexis Tsipras, who, after all, until the topic came up, I hadn’t even read.” .”

source: iefi merida

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