Ministry of Citizen Protection: SYRIZA is concerned about the fight against corruption


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The Ministry of Citizen Protection attacks SYRIZA, on the occasion of an announcement by the opposition party, about the Greek police.

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The ministry affirms that SYRIZA “repeatedly” shows “contempt for EL.AS” and discredits it “internationally”, while responding to the insinuations of the official opposition about the crises in EL.AS, underlining that they were made “with meritocracy”. . ».

min Pro.Po: SYRIZA during his days made sure that all accused of the Greek mafia were acquitted

The ministry announcement is as follows:

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“SYRIZA has repeatedly shown its disgust with the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Greek Police. It has demonized the action of the Hellenic Socialist Republic of Greece for the protection of the borders and its work to deal with crime, discrediting it internationally. Although the The results speak for themselves. And now, by pure coincidence, the Greek mafia repeats itself, fraudulently hiding that the current leadership of the Ministry sent them to the Department of Justice, while SYRIZA, in its day, made sure with its misdeeds that all the defendants they were acquitted.

As for the crises in EL.AS, they were carried out with meritocracy and the only criterion was to put an end to former owners of critical services who, when verified, did not duly comply with their duty against corruption. This ultimately upset SYRIZA, but apparently also the former EL.AS leader. Citizens draw their own conclusions.”

source: iefi merida

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