The mystery of the abandoned warehouse with unique Fords and French classics (Video)


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In desperate conditions, abandoned for decades in a haunted warehouse, iconic cars from the last century lose their last hopes of rebuilding every day.

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The discovery of this estate belongs again to the famous YouTuber named The Bearded ExplorerWHO frequently discover such car graveyards who were once the stars of the car show.

Many of the decrepit cars in this forgotten collection have their roots even in the interwar period. You may have never heard of the company. Little kissbut it was the maker of some of the most desirable cars of the 1930s.

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Two Hotchkiss cars are inside this warehouse., surrounded by some iconic European classics, mostly French. For example, we can locate a Renault 8 Gordiniwhich was particularly attractive in its day, several Porsches but also a European-spec one 1970 Ford Granada.

Along with the four-wheel drive jewels, which have fallen into disrepair, the warehouse is full of scattered parts, car magazines and various memorabilia that have withstood the passage of decades and changes in climatic conditions.

See in the following Video this almost incredible collection, accompanied by the mystery as to why who left all these automotive treasures at the mercy of time:

source: car and motor

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