The wheel thieves have struck again: new cars without tires


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There is no end to car wheel thefts, with gangs even targeting cars outside of dealerships.

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Dozens of car owners in our country have fallen into shock in recent months, who they saw their prized four wheeler possessions to they have been “rioted” by gangs.

This is the phenomenon of abstraction. valuable auto parts, which is not only noticeable in Greece, but also in many other Europe countries.

cart wheel theft
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One of the states where parts theft is on the rise is Poland, as characterized by a number of incidents that have been pointed out lately.

Recently, in fact, the police authorities of the Central European country handcuffed two women and one man where destroyed all the wheels of five new Opel Astra that had just been delivered from the factory and were parked in dealer forecourt in Ribnika city in southern Poland.

The spiral “hit” the delegation in its evening schedule Thursday March 9. All the work was carried out by one of its members. three-membered spiral who invaded the yard removing a total of 20 rubber bands.

cart wheel theft

At the same time, the clumsy way in which the tires were removed contributed to the causing other damage to the bodies of the German family models.

Immediately after the theft of the tires, the police authorities began investigations and managed to locate the three members of the gang, proceeding to arrest his. At the same time, many of the wheels that had been stolen from the Astra were found.

It is noted that the damage caused to the models, including the removed wheels, amounted to 60,000 Polish zlotysthat is €12,750 based on prevailing exchange rates.

source: car and motor

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