Why are electric cars “killing” the radio?


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In the timeline of the story, it appears that the AM frequency band will pass, as electric cars seem “unable” to support it.

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He radio constitutes it secret friend every driver who spends endless hours behind the wheel, holding it company through informative and entertainment programs.

In hello, radio enthusiasts tune in to radio stations that broadcast in various fm frequencies, from the AM they have been almost entirely abandoned, with the exception of a few state radio stations.

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The replacement of the AM (amplitude modulation) method of transmitting radio signals is not surprising, since they have worse sound quality compared to FMwhile he is more prone to interference.

reserve army AM, well they are blowing their leaves though they are still used in several countries of the world, how are the USA where they are used for the consecrations of rural priests, to cover school football gamesbut also her transmission of emergency messages during disasters.

Despite their usefulness, AM frequencies are expected to receive this healthy punch that will “lock” them in the wardrobe of the time of history. This will not be given by the most developed frequency bands (eg FM), but by a exogenous factor which is none other than himself car. The reason is as follows:

Many of the existing drive systems of electric cars (whose number is rapidly increasing) produce electromagnetic noise where Affects AM signals.

Already many companies like Ford and the tesla they already have leave AM in their cars, while other automakers are expected to follow the same practice.

car radio

The imminent end of AM has not gone unnoticed by its executives US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which last Sunday communicated to the Secretary of Transportation of the United States, Pete Buttige, which must ensure that car manufacturers they will not “kill” AMs.

According to FEMA, there are approximately 75 AM radio stations that provide information on 90% of the American population, while offering critical information on emergencies such as natural disasters.

At the moment, at least two car manufacturers – the hyundai and toyota – have stated that have no plans to remove AM radio support of their electric models. Representatives of the latter, however, admitted to the Wall Street Journal that the dealing with AM interference is a difficult challenge.

source: car and motor

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